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Why Palm Leaf

Microwave Oven and Refrigeration safe
No reaction when contact with food
Absence of
E-Coli and Fungus
Chemical Free
Leak Proof, Good to hold both Hot and Cold food
Product undergoes compostale testing before packaging

Palm Leaf tableware is an Eco Friendly alternative to single-use-plastic tableware. They are made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, one of the most sturdy leaf known to human, and withstands very hot or very cold temperature. As its made from natural sources and has no chemical or waxes used in making, it naturally adheres to BS EN 13432 standards.

Very well suited for every occasion: barbecue at home, or a birthday party; Weddings or social gathering; use Palm Leaf dinnerware to serve multi-course cuisine: aperitifs & canapes, soups & salads, entree's & dessert. 

Palm Leaf dinnerware is home compostable and 100% biodegradable. These products contain 100% palm leaf with no chemicals used in its making. Sustainably manufactured in south India, no trees are felled in making this eco-friendly and compostable class of products

Palm leaf dinnerware ...

  • is sturdy, leak-proof, non-toxic, yet lightweight

  • can withstand very hot and very cold temperatures

  • can be used to heat food in the microwave for up to 2 minutes 

  • can be used for the refrigeration of food 

  • biodegrade in a short span of time (3 months)

  • does not use chemical or synthetic material in the manufacturing process 

  • does not require trees to be cut down, does no impact on Earth's ecology

Customer Testimonials (Via Trustpilot)


The order arrived really quickly and was well packaged. I am really pleased with the plates and will definitely order more in the future. It's great to find good new eco friendly products.

— Mrs N Hall

Beach Wedding

ordered plates for my wedding. Arrived in a timely manner and are really great looking plates as well as compostable :)

— Lilou

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