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Easter Garden Party

Easter Garden Party

PriceFrom £15.99
VAT Included

With the revised Government guidance, from 29-March people across England and Wales can organise garden parties for two households or up to 6 adults.

Enjoy a festive Easter Garden Party

What you get!

  Appetiser : 10 x 6.5" Pyramid Bowl (16 cm)

        Mains : 10 x Large Square Plate (25 cm)

      Dessert : 10 x Small Square Plate (15 cm)

Cutlery Set : Fork, Knife & Spoon (16 cm)

    To Drink : 10 x VegWare Cups: (250 ml / 9 Oz)


1 x Large 30 litre compostable bin bag

Free delivery with coupon code EASTER21


Plates and Cutlery

for up to 25 guests

What you get!

Appetiser: 25 x Small Square Plate (6"/15 cm)

Mains: 25 x Large Square Plate (10"/25 cm)

Cutlery Set: 25 x Fork, Knife & Spoon (6.5"/16 cm)


1 x Large 30 litre compostable bin bag

Customise your Plates for Mains

Large Square Plate (10"/25 cm)

Large Deep Square Plate (10"/25 cm)

Large Deep Round Plate (10"/25 cm)

Large Plates & Cutlery Set

Large Plates & Cutlery Set

PriceFrom £6.99
VAT Included

Planning a wedding, or catering for a large gathering?

Choose this value-for-money green package.

What you get!

100 x Small 6" Square plate for Appetiser

100 x Large 10" Square plate for Mains

100 x 6" Heart plate for Dessert

100 x Cutlery Set (Spoons, Forks, Knives)

100 x Paper Cups: 350 ml (Cold Drink)

200 Recycled Paper Napkins: 2 ply, 33 cm


5 x Large 30 litre compostable bin bag

25 x Extra sets of cutlery

Free standard delivery: 2 to 4 days

Customise your plates for Mains

10" Round or Square plate - No cost

10" Square 3 section plate for an additional £6

12" Round 4 section plate for an additional £10

3-course meal for large event

for up to 100 guests

3 Course Meal for 100
PriceFrom £119.99
VAT Included

More Guests? Different meal options?

 Send us a message  to customise a package.

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