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Reduce Reuse Recycle - is the mantra of today's climate-conscious world, and this mantra can only be successful when the countries, corporations and people find quality eco-friendly alternatives to Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle.

PALM LEAF ™ is a family-run small business based in Woking, in the green Surrey, the United Kingdom and we believe in bringing a positive change to the world. The idea started after we witnessed excessive use of single-use-plastic tableware at home, offices, social events, and even faith-based institutions during parties and events.

Our range of Palm Leaf eco-friendly disposable tableware is made from naturally shed Areca palm leaves based on a simple idea of using natural resources without harming nature. A whole range of natural design tableware is created using these leaves by heat pressing them, and the process uses no chemicals or waxes. It is 100% natural and no tree is felled in the entire process.

We take pride in working closely with our manufacturing plant and suppliers in South India. They excel in making the finest quality Palm Leaf disposable tableware to suit the needs of our customers in the UK.

We bring the Eco-Dinnerware to you, so you can say no to plastic, without compromising on your culinary experience. Shown below is the process of making the ever wonderful Palm Leaf Eco-Dinnerware.

Areca palm plantation

Collection of fallen Areca leaves

Pressure wash with clean water

Finished Products

Further Cleaning

Moulding: using heat press

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Reach us at sales@palmleaf.uk

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