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Ecofriendly Party Tableware

Handmade.  Bio-Compostable.  Sustainable.

Palm Leaf Ecofriendly Disposable Tableware

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Ecofriendly Palm Leaf Round Plates
5 varieties of
5 varieties of 

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10"x6" | 25x15 cm

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Areca Palm Leaf Plantation

Made from naturally shed Areca Palm Leaves

Why choose Palm Leaf?

Palm Leaf makes eco-friendly disposable tableware based on a simple idea of using natural resources without harming nature. 


We use naturally shed Areca palm leaves to create a whole range of natural design tableware. The Tableware is produced after jet-washing the fallen Areca leaf clean with water, and thereafter heat pressing them to form the desired shape. The process uses no chemicals or waxes. It is 100% natural and no trees are harmed its making.

We bring the eco-friendly tableware to you, so you can say NO to plastic without compromising on your culinary experience.

Microwave Oven and Refrigeration safe
No reaction when contact with food
UV Treated. Absence of
E-Coli and Fungus
Chemical Free
Leak Proof, Good to hold both Hot and Cold food
Product undergoes compostale testing before packaging

Made from Areca palm leaves, one of the most sturdy leaves known to human, the tableware withstand very hot or very cold temperature. As its made from natural sources and has no chemical or waxes used in making, it naturally adheres to BS EN 13432 standards.

Very well suited for every occasion: barbecue at home, or a birthday party; Weddings or social gathering; use Palm Leaf dinnerware to serve multi-course cuisine: aperitifs & canapes, soups & salads, entree's & dessert. 

Palm Leaf dinnerware is home compostable and 100% biodegradable. These products contain 100% palm leaf with no chemicals used in its making. Sustainably manufactured in south India, no trees are felled in making this eco-friendly and compostable class of products