Bio Compostable LIDS 79mm - WHITE

Bio Compostable LIDS 79mm - WHITE


This lid has been recently redesigned to ensure a tighter fit to ensure spill-free sipping and greater heat-resistance. The world's first 100% compostable disposable hot cup lid! It's made of cornstarch-based PLA , can take high temperatures, and can compost in under 12 weeks.

This brilliant small size lid (79mm) fits the 8oz single or double wall brown kraft hot cups. Has standard size sip hole.


  • Diameter: 79mm.
  • Colour: White.
  • Compostable - biodegrade within 12 weeks.
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    About Vegware compostables
    Vegware products are specifically designed to be safe and suitable for organic recycling.

    Any paper surface that comes into contact with food is made from sustainable forest virgin board.

    The bulk of our recycled products are not made from paper but bagasse fibre which is left over after sugar cane has been pressed.

    They use non-toxic vegetable, water-based inks or where necessary a UV-process which evaporates harmful chemicals.

    We encourage you to either compost on site or contact a commercial compost provider in your locality.


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