Peru restricts single-use plastic

How much do you know about the South American country - Peru?

River Amazon
River Amazon (Courtesy: National Geographic)

The country has a section of Amazon rain forest and the river Amazon begins its life in Peru, yet this country also has the world's highest sand dune in its Sechura Desert. Talking about Biology - on one hand Peru houses the largest flying bird on Earth - The Giant Andean Condor, while on the other hand, the farmers of Peru grow 300 different varieties of Potatoes.

Say no to plastic

Other awesome fact is that Peru will no longer allow visitors to carry single-use plastics in its 76 natural and cultural protected areas, including the national museums.

A supreme-decree announced by Environment Minister, Fabiola Muñoz, and signed by President Martín Vizcarra states that they intend to replace the single-use plastics with "reusable, biodegradable plastic or others whose degradation does not generate contamination by micro-plastics or dangerous substances."

Congratulations Peru to ensure a small win for Planet Earth.

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